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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Anime Opening WOW 328.000 views, thank you all ^_^ Brohoof /)

OPEN ---------------------------------------

New version of the MLP: Fim opening with the music of the japanese opening coming as soon as possible. I'm working really hard on it and I'll hope you like it ^_^

Brohoof /)

FAQs ----------------------------------------

- Is this for real?! is there really a anime version? No, there isn't, right now, sorry, this is a fan made openin, but don't be sad, who knows, one day...... it could happen ; )

- No spike? I didn't found any human version of Spike that convinced me...

-Which is the name the song? It's the "Italian Friendship is Magic Opening"... and yes, it's Italian, not Spanish...

Thanks to The4DeadSouls for help me found some of the artist of the pictures of the video :3

0:09 belongs to someone whom goes by the name of Mirakurunaito on Zerochan 1:25 (Octavia) is by Manhunterj on deviantart 1:25 (Vinyl Scratch) is by johnjoseco on deviantart. 1:45 is by HazuraSinner, also on deviantart 1:54 by Jen-Jen-Rose (deviantart)

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